Welcome to Red THREAD Commons:

A Sacred-Playful Tribe for Citizen-Artists

As you can see the RTC Headquarters is an *Acorn Treehouse on the Web* at the moment. Eventually, on this site, you will find opportunities to Study, tell your Story, and be in Sanctuary with other Citizen-Artists.

With your help, Red Thread Commons will build an actual Treehouse HQ someday. Wanna learn more about how to Help JAR Build the RTC Clubhouse?

Watch The Pitch Deck: A #GoFundRTC Myth in Three Acts below.

Would you like to *seed our collective imagination*?

Once we have raised sufficient funds, we will be able to open the Red Doors below. And at that point we’ll drop the rope ladder down and invite you to join us in the Clubhouse.

But until then, please join our mailing list to hear about all the latest developments.

As you might know by now, my name is Julie Ann Rosier (aka Red Thread JAR) and I am made of Campfire. I am the Founding Artistic Producer of Red Thread Commons. I am from Detroit originally, and now live in Western Massachusetts, by way of NYC and Alaska. 


I have an *ensemble of parts* in me, including:

  • Activist

  • Artist, and

  • Spirit-Weaver


Want to get in touch with Red Thread JAR?

Email: JAR@redthreadcommons.com

SnailMail: Red Thread Commons, P.O. Box 616, Whately, MA 01093

Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to leave some resources in one of the

Collection of JARs on your way out.

We can’t wait to tell stories with you soon. 

Be welcome!